Founded in the 1970's, Arbo's Floor Service is a Texas based company.   We strive to attain excellence in all aspects of our business.  Our goal is to exceed every customers expectation for their sports floors.  At Arbo's, we dedicate ourselves to achieving excellence in every service category we provide.


At Arbo's we provide annual maintenance for almost every type of wood flooring that may be within your facility.  Our main focus is basketball & volleyball courts throughout Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and beyond.   Although, we are known as top tier sports floor contractors, we also perform maintenance on hardwoods on stages, within classrooms, offices, and homes.  Any opportunity we may assist our clients is our priority.


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Building upon our reputation for floor maintenance, we also provide full restoration & installations for all types of wood flooring.  Sanding a floor to bare wood is typically needed every 10-12 years.  We understand the need to have your floors restored correctly, as each floor is sanded only 4 to 5 times in its lifetime.


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Arbo's is also a fully functioning floor design and painting provider.   Annual training is crucial to attaining consistent results and maintaining our position as a market leader.   As a result of our commitment to excellence and to our customers, we almost exclusively use water-based, VOC compliant coatings & paints.


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